No Fear Sharing: Controlling the Audience with Google Products!

When school systems first started adopting GAFE (Google Apps for Education), in our county one of the most popular concerns was privacy.  Many teachers expressed fears that students, staff, or other unknown persons, would be able to access, copy, and/or change their work without permission.  Besides personal documents, there was also fear that any assessment … More No Fear Sharing: Controlling the Audience with Google Products!

Students Annotating with DIIGO Students using Laptops + Diigo software to annotate an eText and share… Today I assigned a reading of Young Goodman Brown to my 11th grade honors students in preparation for the Scarlet Letter.  I assigned the piece using an etext, diigo, and classroom laptops.  Within groups on Diigo, I shared the link with students. … More Students Annotating with DIIGO


Mind maps made easy!  I am having students use Mindmeister to create concept maps prior to writing cause/effect essays.  I gave students a half period to play with the program and showed them this short intro video: // I had students make a basic account and send me their usernames and passwords for security purposes. … More Mindmeister