A ‘Long’ Time Coming… & Why Yes, every Pun is Intended!

The re-structure of this blog personifies my alter-ego in every essence of its’ existence.  When I first started blogging as a new-ish teaDmeUqw51_400x400cher, it wasn’t real, it wasn’t social, and it was just to get stuff out there- but where? I didn’t know. I didn’t care. I was blogging.  Hence it has no voice, personality, or any real direction. A buffet, of sorts, for teachers who may stumble upon a helpful tip or two. Herein lays my second flaw, the voice of the blog was mine. My products. My experience. My likes. My dislikes. But, in order to run a successful blog [virtual meeting place?] for educators, or anyone in that matter, the content must be relevant.  There’s a large market at the beginning of the year for teachers pay teachers, but there are also thousands of people out there offering free PD, inspiration,and classroom tips for more than just binder covers and bulletin  boards!   So I spent a few years traversing between a new template in the old form or a total infusion to my account I use for the classroom.  Nothing. Worked. You wouldn’t believe how many hours I have spent on wordpress “theme” tours and practicing Canva tutorials.  I was close in June, and I think I am finally here (#Primeday of all days!)

It will still take some time to completely reimage the blog, as we tweak the new with the old aesthetic.  Currently we have just mainstreamed the older posts to find a nice home for them.  However, we’d like to cordially invite you to get a feel for what we here at the “savvy educator” or what  iTeach Savvy has to offer!

We are not solely focused on one arena – tech, tools, inspiration, content, etc.- our job here is to focus on the useful, resourceful,and modern with a touch a class.

We fully embrace the 21st century student here, and that would make use hypocritical not to acknolwedge that being and teaching the 21st century student are never a one-size fits all scenario. Teachers need just as much, and gain just as much, as the students do when we provide them an authentic experience  My mother is a perfect example, she wants to do all of these wonderful amazing new things, but she sets the standards high and demands that someone has to give her training, and resources. This is where I have stepped in, and where I am lucky to do so, it’s easy for my mom, or husband, to ask for help.  However, supply and demand aren’t matching up, and the school systems can’t keep up with the pace.  So here’s another idea for what I hop this site will represent. 1. Practical Application and Resources.  2. Understanding Across content and need, with tutorials that can help. and 3. Curiosity.  We are passionate people and love sharing what we do, so help make this an even stronger place by sharing your own resources, tools, and stories, or offering to write for the blog!

So please enjoy, and giggle, at some of our older posts as we getting ready to fully relaunch.  You are even welcome to enjoy some projects of the past with our classroom wiki here!

If you’d like to contact Nicole Long directly, you can email here at nicoleannelong@gmail.com or FCPS teachers feel free to use your school account.


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