A New Bonus Opportunity w/ Storify!

I’m having students practice persuasive writing and college & career readiness using storify.  Since it is the end of the year, and students are always more interested in that last “bonus opportunity,” I’m experimenting with the idea first as just an optional bonus assignment.  Depending on how it goes will determine how I use it next … More A New Bonus Opportunity w/ Storify!


The power of storify to create and publish information relevant to any subject in the classroom!  Have students go projects, or use them as supplemental materials, Storify pulls information from social media (twitter, flickr, youtube, google, etc…) and creates a “story” that you can publish and share! Here’s an Example…[View the story “Chinua Achebe” on … More Storify


I am officially reformed…   @MsCafarelli A year ago I told my tech coordinator “Twitter scares me… I know it’s “approved,” but I’m waiting for the other show to drop…” Now I see just how awesome an application this is… First of all, the kids are mostly all on Twitter, all the time.  For those … More Twitter