A Successful Week One!

Another first school day/week has come and gone, and I have to say I found this one particularly enjoyable! As stressful as managing a new school start in 4 days can be, I found myself feeling more encouraged by the enthusiasm of my young students. I adored my high school students of the past 6 years, but the return to school for them is a dread- it means the end to a social summer. For middle school students, a fresh school year often means the reemergence of a social life! For these young souls, they enjoy meeting new teachers, new friends, and witnessing the transformation of some of their old friends! There’s also a sense of intimidation, trepidation, and fear… But they are almost immediately, and without hesitation, willing to let you in to help. I can say wholeheartedly that most of my efforts to make the first week welcoming and special we’re met with a heartfelt smile…. And that makes a world of difference! I am looking forward to week 2, and hopefully reaching out to even more students!

My goal week 2 is to cover Read Across the Board and Word Study, introduce Fishbowl Friday, and knock out some Global Scholar testing!
On a personal side, I hope to master all 160 names by the 7th grade social this Thursday!!

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