Using Dipity to Create a Class Timeline

English 12 students turn their narratives into a group project.  After having students graph memorable moments, and then add a “soundtrack,”  we used DIPITY to create one, giant class timeline.  The assignment asked students to explore memorable moments throughout their lives, including hopes and wishes for the future.  They then had to add songs that … More Using Dipity to Create a Class Timeline

Students Annotating with DIIGO Students using Laptops + Diigo software to annotate an eText and share… Today I assigned a reading of Young Goodman Brown to my 11th grade honors students in preparation for the Scarlet Letter.  I assigned the piece using an etext, diigo, and classroom laptops.  Within groups on Diigo, I shared the link with students. … More Students Annotating with DIIGO

DiiGo and Annotation

Using DiiGO to pose questions and have students annotate texts… My students have just started learning to use Diigo.  I put them into groups and created accounts for them, then gave them a practice activity to install the diigolet and use the search tool.  Now, for active reading, I am using an eText and DIIGO’s … More DiiGo and Annotation