Mind maps made easy!  I am having students use Mindmeister to create concept maps prior to writing cause/effect essays.  I gave students a half period to play with the program and showed them this short intro video: //www.youtube.com/get_player I had students make a basic account and send me their usernames and passwords for security purposes. … More Mindmeister

Using DiiGO Groups

Using DiiGo so students can research, annotate, and collaborate! Diigo Groups I posted links that I want students to use for their research to the group, this allows me to make sure they are only researching from valid, reputable sources. I also taught students how to install the DIIGOLET and how to use the tools … More Using DiiGO Groups

Share Your Presentations

Here are some of the best web tools for sharing/creating presentations… Let’s students all access under one username and password.  You can create through empressr or upload. Using google+ students can log in individually (ex. mscafsclass+group1@gmail.com) Again, students can upload or create.  Upgrade account for audio, or just use Audacity and upload MP3 Upload presentations … More Share Your Presentations

Literature Around the World

http://photosynth.net/embed.aspx?cid=42ef2161-e95e-4a4c-8e0d-36f18ddad4ad&delayLoad=true&slideShowPlaying=falseI still love this, even though it isn’t a “web tool” I’m looking for the web-equivalent, but this was really fun to put together.  I took an old world map and had students make mini cards based on author’s of their choosing.  I had this as a “bonus” assignment, and was very particular about the … More Literature Around the World


Staying in touch… No more excuses for missing work! Not only is there an “App for that,” but Remind101 helps get messages directly to student cell phones.   By sending out an encoded text message to phones (that students can not reply to), I am able to send out instant updates and reminders to my … More Remind101

The Grammar Fun Wall!

Maybe One of My Favorite Accomplishments… http://photosynth.net/embed.aspx?cid=da7fc981-1832-4352-8717-0d760c1d9f20&delayLoad=true&slideShowPlaying=false Inspired by Jeff Anderson’s Mechanically Inclined, I created this massive scaffolding wall in my classroom. Now, I don’t necessarily recommend unless you are on good standing with your custodial staff as it can be a bit shocking to stumble upon…  However, it’s presence is immense and fun!I took … More The Grammar Fun Wall!