Storybird Sonnets

My students recently wrote sonnets as part of our Shakespeare preparation.  After studying and analyzing some of Shakespeare’s, they took a crack at writing their own. After students finished, I had them use the web tool storybird to make their own sonnet books!Storybird is great, it let me make student accounts under my own name… or … More Storybird Sonnets


Mind maps made easy!  I am having students use Mindmeister to create concept maps prior to writing cause/effect essays.  I gave students a half period to play with the program and showed them this short intro video: // I had students make a basic account and send me their usernames and passwords for security purposes. … More Mindmeister

Making Digital Documentaries Students hard at work assembling their digital documentaries! In preparation for the Cause/Effect writing unit, 12th grade students are researching, creating, scripting, and composing their own digital documentaries.  Inspired by An Inconvenient Truth: Global Warming, students will create their own Inconvenient Truths. Programs Used:DiigoEdmodoVoicethreadJog the Web(and there’s an APP for that! Students also used … More Making Digital Documentaries