Google Classroom: Link Directly to Posts!

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One downside to transitioning from EDMODO to GOOGLE CLASSROOM was losing the ability to link directly to a post. This was a newer feature of Edmodo, added after some considerable time, but it was still one of it’s strongest with the ability to share a link to students over social media or post online, and they could get their work immediately. With the “newsfeed” style of presenting and sharing work, within a short period of time posts noticeably get “buried.”  Sure, there are tips for navigating the newsfeed, like naming assignments by date or number, but even with such tricks the pile intensifies as the year goes on (even for lax users). However, this feature has been, until now, one of the strongest cons of the Classroom takeover.  But! Entirely on accident, I recently discovered how you can link directly to a post in Google Classroom!

The title of your assignment is a link.  The default link takes you to the “student work page.”  However, there is also an “assignment details” page.  If you share this link with students, it will take them directly to their student view of the assignment! Share the link with students, add it to your ABOUT page, send it through email, add it to a Google DOC, just remember you will need a separate link for each Google CR class / group assignment.

Step 1: Find the Assignment you wish to share


Step 2: Open the assignment, switch the view from “student submissions” to “details / instructions”


Step 3: Copy the URL (link) at the top… this is what you will share!


TIP: add it to your about page! It will look like a “sign in” link, but when the student selects the link it will automatically load with their settings – as long as they are signed in!


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