Connected Educators: Making Your Mark

One of the most enlightening years I have had as an educator ironically came during one of our most tumultuous political years.  This past year, among severe budget cuts and another stagnant pay scale, I still managed to achieve what I would call “refreshed” professional growth.  Most teachers just want to feel heard, appreciated, acknowledged for what they do.  So often other people are making decisions for us, for our students, for our classrooms, without even the slightest conversation with actual teachers.  It is a rare circumstance when all these professional hazards are put on the back burner in comparison to real professionalism.

When I was approached in the Fall of 2014 to guest write for a blog, run by, I was SO excited.   I couldn’t believe the connection social media had provided for me, a complete random pairing within the universe of educators connecting over the world wide web. I was approached to write an article on Twitter in the Classroom and the relationship steadily evolved to include other posts and references.  Despite the often chaotic nature of the profession, I still found time to squeeze in something of pure professional stimulation- something I only did for me.  Then, for every “like” or “retweet,” I felt more validated as an educator, a small reminder of just why I became a teacher in the first place.

By the end of the year Learn2earn was ready to publish its first e-book and I was approached the share some insights and perspective.  I was honored, and couldn’t implore other teachers enough to try and get their voices heard, if for no other reason than that feeling of hope achieved from connecting with other like-minded educators.

Purchase & download your e-copy of How to Bring Technology into Your Classroom by Jessica Sanders, featuring other educators and tech specialists across the country, for just $2.99!




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