Making Columns in Google Docs

One of the hardest parts of switching from Microsoft to Google Docs was adjusting to the web-based limitations in functions- not everything I could do in Word translated to Docs. Now, in recent months the table features of definitely improved, dramatically, and it was through this feature that I realized Docs actually made an element of Word that I was missing easier: columns and page manipulation.

I often like to sort and arrange content of my pages in a way that isn’t always conducive with simple column formatting in Word.  Then, in switching to Docs, I found a tool I could use to imitate this feature, only better!  

When you add a table to a Google Doc you have the ability to drag and arrange the size and location on the page.  You can also use icons in the toolbar (and from the drop down menus) to change the line size, color, and style.  In the ability to change the size, you unlock the key to creating columns and manipulating your page formats in Google Docs!

To create columns:

  1. Insert a table to Google Docs, decide how many columns you want or need.
  2. Once you have worked with your content, highlight the table with your cursor.
  3. Select the line width icon from the top tool bar, and choose “0.”

Save this to Google Drive!


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